There Is Nothing Basic About These Basics: A Profile of Le Larc

The quest for the perfect wardrobe has to start with the basics: a great white shirt, a classic pencil skirt, a LBD (little black dress).  Though some cringe at the thought (thinking, snooze…boring), like a home’s foundation, these basics can make or break anything and everything else in a woman’s closet. The best part is that with LeLarc, basics are never boring.  They are chic, edgy, incredibly well tailored, and dare I say it, sexy.
I had the pleasure of experiencing LeLarc last week when designer and visionary, Lindsay Regan, invited me to her studio to see her collection. The design, the product and the name (the designer’s initials (Lindsay Arnold Regan Collection) preceded by “Le,” an ode to a trip to Paris with her husband where she formulated LeLarc), like its logo, soar.  The tailoring is impeccable. The luxe fabrics both mold to and shape a woman’s figure like no other.  The design elements are unexpected, yet classic; edgy yet sophisticated.
Captivated by her entire collection, my favorites include the following:
(1) The white blouse has such versatility – it has an incredible flattering cut which screams “I am woman,” yet radiates a strong, almost masculine vibe. It’s crisp and authoritative, yet all the while, feminine because of beautiful tailoring, impeccable attention to detail, and her signature fabric.   Perfect over jeans, under a suit, or with dressy slacks, this piece will be a pillar of your closet’s foundation forever.
 Le Larc’s signature black dresses are anything but a “little black dress.” It is THE little black dress. There is nothing simple about this wardrobe staple – its design is intricate and embodies what you know was careful architecture, cut and design. With several different necklines and silhouettes to choose from, her design aesthetic perfectly highlights all of a woman’s assets, all the while leaving you looking like the model version of yourself.
Here’s a sampling:
This jacket is part of LeLarc’s fall collection – and will be my go to piece this fall and basically, forever more (I joked with Lindsey that I was leaving with it … but was not actually joking).
Le Larc’ pieces are and should be every woman’s go to’s.  These are the long, sought after refined basics that I know I have spent what feels like a lifetime searching for –that diamond in the rough.  And with a price point less than many of those featured at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Saks, LeLarc will continue to soar.  I’ve already had multiple clients request fittings – so contact me asap to schedule yours!
 LeLarc’s collection and more information about its design and aesthetic can be found at

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