Treasure Hunt!

Every so often, I get a feeling as I’m driving down 101S. It’s a beckoning, almost.  I feel the need to go on a treasure hunt – searching for jewels buried deep within.  Sometimes, you walk away with a nugget.  Today,  I struck gold.
A little experiment, I think to myself. If I have $1000 to spend at TJ MAXX, can I? I mean, can I spend $1000 at TJ MAXX and find pieces that I would covet in the department store, and want to buy — but won’t once I see the price tag.  The answer is YES, and easily.
I love a deal. Who doesn’t?  The key to discount shopping is to ask yourself this critical question:  “Would I buy this item if it were full price?” If the answer is yes, go for it.  If the answer is no, put it back.  Many of us shop with the amount of savings in mind, and not the amount we spend.  Another way to think about it is this:  Does this go with enough in my existing wardrobe that it justifies buying it? OR Is this a piece I love so much I know I’ll have it forever and will make it work or is worth making it work?  If you answer in the affirmative, well, you know what to do.
With an open mind and a curious eye, I combed the designer section of TJMAXX to find so many jewels I could barely carry them all.  It was a gold mine. Just to name a few….. Tory Burch leather jacket (retailed at $900) sold for $225 on clearance.  Valentino red silk dress (retailed at over $1200) for $299.  Rebecca Taylor snake print silk blouse with yellow raw silk ties in the front (retailed for $345) sold for $115.
The sad part:  that was the tip of the iceberg.  I was in for at least another $500 between the Helmut Lang sweater the saleswoman forgot to give back to me when I left my keep pile at the front while I continued to try clothes on (fortunately, my neighbor, who randomly happened to stop by to shop there too, picked it up and agreed to share it with me! Lucky we are the same size!); and the Rebecca Taylor off the shoulder dress that was a smidge too big (but was so cute, I’d have it tailored!); and the Sam Edelman sandals I coveted last year but opted against!  Is it easy to drop $1K at TJMaxx? Unfortunately, today, the verdict was in: too easy.
What’s the moral of the story?  There are always diamonds in the rough.  To find them, however, you need three things: (1) time; (2) an open mind; and (3) have few to no expectations.  9 times out of 10, it’s a bust. But when it’s a hit, boy, it is a hit!  Happy shopping!

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