St Barth Dreaming….

Though I’ve only seen pictures and read about this magical place, St. Barths, aka the playground of the rich and famous, certainly has allure. Walking into its namesake store certainly adds to that allure … and after a day spent there, pulling looks for my clients, I’m pretty much booking my plane tickets as soon as I can find a babysitter!

Special pieces, galore, the allure has legitimacy — and lasting power. Featuring the most ethereal of fabrics, in flowing silks, washed linens, and the softest of cotton, these pieces seem to float on their hangers — in all of their colorful splendor. They are as timeless as they are contemporary. These pieces are day to night, beach to bistro, and just about everywhere in between.Image

With tables of modern jewelry, perfectly folded linen tee shirts, combined with sequined tanks that feel casual, there is something for everyone — and with their current promotion, everyone deserves a trip to St. Barths – Calypso, that is. Here’s just a sampling of looks I’ve pulled for my clients for tomorrow’s shop ‘n style event:

photo 5 photo 4



I can hear the waves already….

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