Hello Lover….or in this case, “Leather”

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pieces — it’s not just my job, it’s my pleasure and passion.  The only thing I love more than the hunt is the actual find.  How I love finding it — it’s like the heavens have parted and a giant spotlight shines down upon me.  The heavens break into song, and alas, here it is!  It’s my very own “Hello, Lover” Carrie Bradshaw moment–when she sees the Pink ruffled Louboutins in the window for her Farewell to New York and Big dinner, the night Miranda’s water burst, thus ruining said shoes. I am fortunate. There have been several of those moments this season — some over shoes (my new Manolo leopard print flats); my new L’Agence sky high slit dress for SF Ballet’s Gala opening; and the perfect blue bag (Anabell Ingall) that I found in the most unlikely of places (it’s a story best saved for another time and blog…).  But never a lover leather moment quite like today’s.

Today, I found what is, quite possibly, the perfect leather moto jacket.  The reason it is so perfect has nothing to do with the cut, or the leather (which are both amazingly perfect).  It has nothing to do with the silhouette.  It had everything to do with the hardware.  Most leather moto jackets are adorned with silver or brushed nickel hardware, which add to the rugged edge and rough around the edges feel of the jacket.  The hardware on this leather dream coat was rose gold – yes, rose gold.  Rose gold, which has become en vogue over the last few seasons, is the most feminine of metals – still hard but warm, inviting and dare I say it, almost sweet.  Paired with this butter leather, it added the most subtle of feminine touches that it truly feels like unlike any other jacket I’ve seen. I mean, c’mon, I dedicated an ENTIRE blog entry to it.  Paired with everything, this jacket will go season to season, decade to decade, long flowy dress to cocktail to….eternity. Here she is:


Do you agree?  If you do, tell Calypso St. Barths I sent you. 🙂

xo BFF Betina

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