Dressed right, every girl looks and feels like a “skinny girl”

“It’s easy to dress skinny girls, isn’t it?”

This is the question a childhood friend, who caught me red-handed with some L’Wren Scott pieces from the Banana Republic collaboration (love the lip print!), asked me in response to pictures I had posted about recent stylings.  I looked at her puzzled, yet delighted. I was about to blow the roof off her perception of, well, everything. And I could not wait to deliver the punchline, especially because she’d never see it coming.

It made me realize, however, that perhaps others think that only skinny girls can look … skinny.  Here’s my secret:  there is no secret.  Every girl is a skinny girl dressed right.  My clients are normal women, many of whom have birthed multiple children, are working professionals, stay at home moms, social butterflies and the like.  I like to dress people – men and women alike.  The women I dress, each in their own way,  manifest all is uniquely feminine:   hips, her legs, her decollette, curves, shape, bumps, and/or some combination thereof, especially if these women are the true full time working women: moms.  

The irony is that women lament these gifts, instead of embracing them.  Women (not men) are biologically gifted with the ability to birth and perpetuate life – the responsibility of species survival is placed in our hands. Buck up, ladies, ’cause as those of us who have had kids know, raising them is an adventure and a pleasure – it’s a full blown rager that lasts 24/7 for 18 years or longer, not just 18 hours before you have to get up for class or work the next day. And we get party favors:  These bumps, curves, and beautiful shapes are our permanent reminders of what only women get to experience in this lifetime.  Whether others are envious or threatened by it, it is what it is, and I say, we embrace it. All of it. And in every way we can.

This is my styling philosophy. Plain and simple. Whether a male or female client, like a tort plaintiff, I take you as you are.  I embrace it, and teach you to as well.  Bring it, because we’ll make it work, and work for you.  Whatever “it” is. 

So, in response to my friend’s question about dressing skinny girls, I could barely contain my smile – or the punchline. “She looked great, didn’t she?  By the way, she’s a size 8-10, and has the most insane curves that would make even Kim Kardashian envious.  All of my clients look and feel like skinny girls when I’m done with them because I work with her assets and make them work for her.”

Her jaw dropped. My spirits soared sky high.  I could not have imagined a more wonderful compliment. Ever.


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