Finally Fit Bit Becomes Fashion Forward

When the Fit Bit first came out, admittedly, I was intrigued. Being Type A, and compulsive about pretty much everything, of course I wanted to know whether my daily estimates about how many steps I take daily actually measured up.  Between the 5 extra trips to the kitchen just to fulfill my kids’ requests for a glass of water, then a snack, then a towel to clean up the water they just spilled, followed by some more water because the first spilled, ending with a napping for the messy hands while eating the snack, and so on, I figured I got at least a few hundred extra in before the break of dawn. However, there was one thing that held me back.  Call me nuts, call me crazy, call me vain: I did not want to wear it daily because, well, it just was not cute.

Look, I know I’m compulsive about certain things. I get anxious when my son mis-matches his PJs for bed. It’s insane – I tell myself it’s insane. He’s sleeping for goodness sakes – yet, I can’t help myself. At least I recognize the insanity (or at least, that’s how I justify it to myself). I just could not stomach wearing that band all day long because other than in my gym clothes, it just never quite worked into my outfit the way I wanted.

Until now.

Much to my utter delight, this morning’s Chronicle brought a squeal quite loud to the kitchen – to the point that everyone thought a mouse had just run by.  Finally, a fashion forward Fit Bit. Unsurprisingly, it’s a Tory Burch collaboration.

Tory Burch, who infused a different vibe back into American sportswear; who brought back the cute flat with a vengeance; who brings Hamptons chic to a different level; Tory knows how to do basics well – but most importantly, she knows the modern woman on the go needs basics with a twist. She needs something that is functional AND looks stylish, chic, polished.  Of course it’s Tory Burch who comes up with the thing that the Fit Bit was lacking for women like me who try their best, despite the craziness of working full time, raising kids, etc., to stay fit, but want to look cute while doing it:  the Fit Bit bracelet cover.




Seriously, it’s jewelry; and it’s practical, functional and covers the dark band and makes it look like a great looking bangle. Whether you want a dressier version (gold bangle) or a logo embossed cover in pink or navy, you’ve got function + style. In my world, that means happy mommy and happy wife. Happy wife = happy life.  Voilla! No brainer.

My kids don’t know it yet, but they just bought it for me for my 40th birthday. I literally ordered it moments after seeing the article on line announcing it’s debut. Ironic that it comes on my 40th birthday? I don’t believe in irony or coincidence anymore. I believe everything is a sign – and this sign was clear. It’s time to get and wear my Fit Bit.  Thanks for making it happen for me, Tory.  Can’t wait to try it out as I start Betina 4.0 come October 1. Stay tuned and we’ll see if it’s all that and more!


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