Two Pants, One Heart

Some people believe that in life there’s but one true love. There may be those you dabble with, and those that forever change you, but with whom you know you’re ultimately incompatible for a life long journey. And then there’s the one. Perhaps naively, when I was young, I believed in the one true love – and then I met and married him. For me, it held water when it came to my life partner, best friend, husband and father of my babies – but not when it comes to pants. Enter the Jogger.

Let’s be clear – I’m a very loyal person. I’ll seriously do just about anything for the ones I love. While my love for the Aspire pant has not waned, I did, after donning the Jogger pant, have to make more room in my heart once I surrendered my disbelief that there could actually be a rival contender for the “do everything be everything” pant I love. And yet again, it was love. But that’s the thing about love. When you open yourself up to it, you find it again and again.

The Aspire and the Jogger are like my two kids. One came into my life first, the other second. They are both my babies, and I love them uniquely, as they are the same (i.e. both my kids) but different. Like my son, who is like the energizer bunny, the Aspire are my on-the-go pants. They go morning to night, never wane in style or character, and make me look and feel at ease. The Jogger pant is a more traditional athletic pant in design with a banded ankle and waistband. But like my daughter, it has endless possibilities and surprises me with just how cute a true athletic pant can be. With a tee shirt and sneakers, and a dolman sweatshirt, they are the perfect modern day cozy chic “sweatpant,” dare I say. They are as comfortable as sweats, flatter like leggings (as they are full length and elongate like no other). The weight of the fabric is perfect for staying cool as much as it is staying warm, and they flatter as much as they comfort. The first day I wore them, I was flooded with compliments on how amazing they looked – and felt (yes, some did touch). Though I kind of felt like I was cheating on my first love, Aspire, I realized, like I did upon the birth of my second child, there was enough room in my life, my heart – and now my closet—for both.

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