It’s the one piece you will ever need and can’t believe you lived without…..

As a child, I remember seeing a photo in a magazine of a woman with a large brimmed hat, wearing a flowy caftan like garment, strolling across the beach, holding her children’s hand. There was an effortlessness about her — she looked and felt exactly as she was. She was in the moment – and it was palpable. In my adult life, I yearn to be that woman because let’s face it, life with two kids (as beautiful and wonderful as they are) is not about walking on a beach, wearing a caftan. Yet, I want it to feel that way.

We all strive for that – the effortlessness and ease of living — and of dressing for our lives. Technology has helped with that in some ways (arguably made it worse in others), as your phone goes the distance not only as a telecommunication device, but as your calendar, computer, social networking mechanism, your grocery cart, to do list, and even virtual secretary. But things don’t need to be digital or technological to do the same for your life — to take you through the course of your day, no matter where or when. Indeed, one great piece in your closet can be everything you need and want, too. It too can be your one stop shop.

Enter the modern day caftan: the tunic, by Phiren.

Phiren 3

San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Photography

San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Photography

Phiren is a company by women for women — real women. Not the ones you see airbrushed in magazines. Not women of the Giselle Buchenden variety. Women with curves, and bumps, and shape — all of the beauteous features our biology affords us for the better, in my opinion.  From fashion veterans from Armani and DVF (the ultimate woman who dresses women), this line features couture fit and design details that rival custom pieces. From the drape to the darts, their pieces not only fit well, but fit every woman’s lifestyle. If you are a mom, this is truly the piece that takes you from the kids’ playground to an adults’. And if you are a working woman, this piece will take you day to night, whatever your event: boardroom to business dinner; under a suit, over a swimsuit, or for a night out anywhere. The fabric is luxurious and flattering.  The hand beading and beautiful details in the arms and along the décolleté provide the perfect amount of design element without it feeling overdone — these design details give it the versatility most tunics lack. It’s the piece you will reach for time and time again — not just because it looks good, but because you look good in it. And in a pinch, or even if you have all of the time in the world (quite frankly, I’m still waiting for that moment!), who doesn’t want that?

Come experience Phiren on May 28, 2015. Email me: for details.

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