Blame it on Mercury….

It’s true. Mercury is in retrograde. For many years, I admittedly never believed that the movement of the planets hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of miles away affected my seemingly insignificant actions and decisions on earth. Sure, I could see the immediate cause and effect of my actions, words, decisions here on earth to those around me — the ripple effect of throwing a stone into a calm body of water. But what was the true expanse of that? Cosmic? Doubtful — so I thought. Then, something happened. Something changed. It happened in response to a simple question someone once asked me: “What if there was another possibility?”

What if there WAS? I never really thought about it, as silly, almost naive, as it sounds. I mean, I’m a logical, forward thinking person. But, aren’t some things JUST SO? Maybe. But maybe not.

And just like that, there existed another possibility.

Suddenly, it felt like a whole new set of doors opened — ones I never even knew were there; and if I did, I never bothered to knock, let alone peek in them. What if everything — even Mercury moving in a direction opposite (relatively speaking) to other celestial bodies around it–was connected, even tangentially? Is that why suddenly, I’m feeling movement in my life in a way I never did before? Traction I’ve sought? Progress I’ve strived for? Maybe. Maybe not. But the possibility exists — and I’m running with it because I choose to believe that perhaps, there are other reasons, options and avenues. Maybe ones well beyond the small body of water in which I cast the first stone.

It is in that vein, that I posit this: if we have to move backwards sometimes to move forward, do it. If things seem out of alignment, if you feel like you are moving backwards, go with it. Looking at and approaching things from a different vantage point can and will yield results — maybe some are good, maybe some are not — but what do you have to lose by surrendering to it, and letting the current take you?? We fight so hard against things — some, clearly, worthy causes to constantly champion. But, in our lives, why not sometimes just surrender and put your weapons down, drop your fists and see were the current takes you?

Change is hard for most of us – but you can always change back. That’s the thing I think we all forget — we can always change it back. Whether it’s finally going for that job you always wanted; taking that trip, exploring a certain relationship — or a certain look that you’ve always coveted but shied away from because “it’s just not you” — consider this: what if it really IS you? And all these years, you’ve been too afraid to explore it? Explore it. Go for it. Make it happen. What’s the worst that can happen?? And if you you fail miserably, you tried. But maybe you won’t? Maybe you will rock it and it leads to the next big thing for you? The fall back plan is always a good one — because if you ever need a scapegoat, you can just blame it on Mercury (at least until June 11). Make it happen. #MIH. Love, Betina

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