Zoe for less….

Confession: I love Rachel Zoe. I loved her reality show. She has great taste and great style — something that I think you are just born with. I can do without most of her jargon (because it’s BANANAS), but she’s an icon as much as she is a live cartoon character.

That said, she’s living on a different planet. Her idea of a small shopping spree is what some countries yearly GDP is. While I love her designer picks, I refuse to be the little old lady who lived in her shoes because she could no longer afford her mortgage (Sorry Carrie Bradshaw – I love you, but there’s not enough room in my Louboutins for my two kids and my 55 lb labradoodle, nor my husband – and I’m not going anywhere without these folks.)

When I opened her latest picks email, first I drooled, then I laughed at dollar figure on each of these pieces – especially when one of her editors claimed a $400 pair of Gucci sandals were “affordable.” Maybe for Gucci – but again, $400 for a pair of sandals is not really what most people on earth consider affordable.

I, however, found some great alternatives to some of her picks I thought I’d share:

1. Jumpsuit:  Like the $900 Missoni jumpsuit?

Missioni js

Try this from Calypso, for $350.

Calypso jumpsuit

2.  Like the $400 Gucci Sandal?

gucci sandal

Try Zara’s version, which incorporates the fringe trend ($99):

zara fringe

3. The Red Dress by Cedric Chalier ($ 1117 on sale) is gorgeous:

CC red

Get the look for less at Old Navy ($37):

ON nred 2

4.  The Eyelet Isabel Marant Ruffle Blouse ($575):

isabel marant

Get a similar look for a whole lot less without losing an ounce of style, femininity or flair with the Ruffles and Lace blouse ($110):


Happy shopping….and saving. You can thank me later. 🙂

xo Betina

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