THE Biggest Fashion Faux Pas You Can Ever Make at a Wedding…..and Martha Stewart (and Pippa Middleton) Will Help You Make It

Fashion faux pas happen daily. I’m sorry to say it – but if I could bet my life on anything, it’s that. From the VPL, (visible panty line) and black “opaque” tights as leggings, to the way too short short-shorts,  I struggle to wrap my head around what someone must have been thinking when one got dressed that morning. Or, if they were thinking at all. Here are a few flagrant examples…

fp4fp5 FP1

I say this tongue in cheek because it happens to us all. Even me. Maybe not the VPL – but definitely fashion choices that miss the mark.   Let’s just say that there were days when I would hide in my office when I realized that my “night before” fashion choices did not stand up in the light of day. I’d hide until the stores downstairs opened when I’d make a break for it, and try to redeem myself.  See, it happens to us all. Even Martha Stewart.  Martha’s orange as the new black stint was far from her finest. But that was not her only fashion faux pas….

As I was researching best dressed wedding guest fashion choices for this summer’s season, I came across a 2014 Martha Stewart Weddings web article entitled “20 Outfits to Make You The Best Dressed Wedding Guest.”  As I scanned the article, the cardinal fashion rule blares in my mind: unless you are the bride, never wear white to a wedding.  I don’t care how envious you are, how fabulous your new white or white-like dress is, or if the bride says it’s ok — it’s not. It’s the biggest fashion faux pas you can make. Listen to Nancy Regan: don’t do it.

Ironically, it always happens. I do not think I’ve ever been to a single wedding where at least one guest tried and failed to compete with the bride and wore white, or some version thereof (think bone, ivory, pale pale pink, or some other dimly dyed pastel resembling white in low light). Don’t think people don’t notice — they do. Do it and you will forever be THAT girl.  So, ignore the sales girl desperate for her commission at the boutique who  convinces you it’s ok to wear that white dress to a wedding (it happens – I was there) – it’s just not. Her job is to make the sale – not to be the social fashion police.

You should also ignore Martha Stewart. She and her fashion editors at Martha Stewart Weddings suggest this frock as their number one pick for best dressed wedding guest:


Seriously. I’m not making this up. See for yourself:

Where do I even start? Never mind that it looks like you just disembarked from your trip to Rio, or that you were en route to your flamenco dancing class, but it’s white. Black trim does make it less white.  While Martha may have cornered the market in home decor, she should respectfully relegate her talents to the four walls of any space in or outside the home MINUS your closet.  Let the simple rules of etiquette guide your fashion choices in putting your best foot forward at your weddings this summer.

Check out my picks on my blog at Union and Fifth (forthcoming), and reposted soon here at, to see fashion DO’s for this summer’s weddings!

Happy dressing! xo Betina

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