Calypso Style Diaries….


I could not have imagined a more perfect event in a more perfect store.  Last week at Calypso, it felt like vacation even when I was in the throes of “work.” In my white linen Rosario dress for the morning session, and my Avaline tank and Go turquoise silk shorts, my clients (and I) entered, ready for summer — and left outfitted to the nines!

photo 2photo 5


Unsurprisingly, the big hit dress is/ was the Sarah — it’s the perfect dress for every occasion: days at the beach, cocktails, dinners out, summer days, lazy days, and every day.  And with the generous discount offered to my BFF clients, it’s a no brainer!


With a jean jacket and gladiator sandal, it’s the effortless go to maxi dress with edge; with heels, the perfect sultry black dress for any event. It’s the perfect dress — and part of what makes it so perfect is it’s universally flattering fit — and it’s reversible!  It works on a Botticelli, voluptuous figure; a petite athletic build, a tall slender frame, and a petite apple-shaped frame.  If that is not versatility, I do not know what is!!  And, I could not ask for more gorgeous models – thank you Ingrid, Julia and Jennifer!

photo 3 photo 4

 There are so many reasons I love being a stylist.  I get to meet and work with amazing people. I get to play dress up every day. It is amazing to unleash creativity and test the waters and push the boundaries.  The best part, I think, though is that moment when I see clients look at themselves the way I see them: uniquely beautiful.  We all are our own worst critics — and we all seem to focus solely on the things we dislike or want to change instead of embracing them.  But, in that moment, where acceptance manifests in a clients eyes, and they smile back at themselves in the mirror, and revel in all of their splendor and beauty, it IS the reason I love doing what I am doing.


That moment came for a client at Calypso.  Heather is a Botticelli chick, through and through. Gorgeous blond hair, stunning features, and va va voom curves. Kim K’s got nothing on this woman. She is all woman – and she’s owning it.  And she’s got the look. She got the look of “I’m sexy and I know it” when I dressed her in a Velvet for Calypso strapless maxi dress, belted at the waist, with a gorgeous aqua cashmere long sleeve long cardigan over it.  The combination of cinching her tiny waist in the belt, and the long cardigan which hit in all the right places brought a twinkling to her eye that I think she was long waiting for.  I see it – do you?



 Laurie is my Mediterranean goddess.  She looks amazing in anything, really – but if it flows, she’s wearing it.  She IS the lady of the house – but without pretense. She is down to earth, and the sweetest, loveliest woman, without an air of anything but warmth and joy.  She is the modern woman.

Like most of us, Laurie is transitioning into suburban life, leaving her crazy demanding life in finance behind.  What a joy it is to help women like Laurie, as I too recently went through that transition myself.  We left behind the structure of her “work” clothes; yet reinvented them, pairing them with softer lines and looks to just tweak her amazing pieces to make them work in her new life. Calypso was the next step in that process.  She ended up with some gorgeous linen maxi dresses, and a fabulous pair of Go washable navy shorts (see more below on that one…).  But I had to show you how stunning she looks in this Liquid Silver gown. While many may think this is a black tie affair gown only, I beg to differ.  This dress would be AMAZING with just a denim jacket and a cute pair of sandals — and perfect for a night out.  It’s a perfect day to-night dress – and though it remained on her wish list when we left Calypso, I’m secretly hoping she makes that wish come true. 🙂  xo Laurie!

photo 1


Lastly, I wanted to profile Jennifer.  Also with a background in finance, Jen knows who she is. She’s a tough cookie, but her warm smile echoes the warmth in her heart.  Off to Mexico in September, Jen was looking for “special” pieces to wear to the wedding, and all of its accompanying festivities.  Ideally, she also wanted a dress she could wear to a cocktail party in New York she had to attend before heading to Mexico (jet setter – so envious!)  Ironically, when I picked my outfit to wear to the Calypso event, I had Jen in mind. It was kind of an unorthodox pairing – a sequined tank with silk shorts (that look like running shorts?).  I knew that if I wore it together, my vision would translate. Fortunately, it paid off!! When Jen walked in and saw me, she immediately said: “I want what you are wearing.” I laughed, hugged her, and said, go look in your dressing room.  The fact that I knew that she knew that I knew what she wanted before she even walked in made my heart sing.  So much of what styling is about is understanding how people see themselves, and how they want to project themselves to the world. It’s about knowing their inner selves and the message they want their clothes to send the world.  Jen’s look is playfully sophisticated, and I think these pieces show it!  Feliz vacaciones, Jen!

photo 5 photo 2


Cara is a powerhouse.  She is and does it all for everyone. Her own law practice (though she says she is “on sabbatical”, two gorgeous girls (both of whom are insanely sweet, well mannered, bright and incredible talented swimmers (Olympics, here they come!), she is the mom who sees her sweet girls eyes when they went to pick out a single dog, and ended up with two because she couldn’t bear to choose between her children and their choices.  That’s Cara – huge heart, always. And FUNNY!  I love Cara, and I love her style.  She is a fan of refined basics – she wants things to fit well, but that are versatile. She is also not the kind of woman who wears high heels to take out the garbage (unlike some of us, who will find any excuse to wear the pieces we love — and yes, even to take out the garbage!).  She wants practicality with a twist, some flair and panache.

Though we loved the femininity the silk shantung silhouette provided, the eyelet dress with beading was the perfect fit to complement Cara’s sultry curves (which she is reluctant to show!), and fit her lifestyle.  It’s dressy enough to go out to dinner, to a shower, luncheon etc., but has a casual flair, which makes it perfect for summers at the pool, the beach, and just hanging around.  Doesn’t she look great?!?!

photo 2

I cannot thank Jennifer, the Calypso manager, Diana, Alana, Torrie, Jillian and the whole crew at Calypso for hosting us, for their assistance, dedication, tireless efforts, professionalism, grace, and hospitality!  Cannot wait to partner up again for another fantastic event!

In the mean time, bon voyage!  xo Betina

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